Integrated Quality Policies

Amster S.A is a company that is dedicated to the import, commercialization and distribution of Raw Materials through the representation of prestigious Foreign Companies. The Company, within its quality policies, is committed to:

• Deliver products and services with high quality standards and that meet the requirements specified by the Client, therefore we make sure that our suppliers are also incorporated into our continuous improvement system.

• Make an effort, and go beyond the needs and expectations of the Clients, continuously improving the internal processes of the Company, and also integrating all the personnel of the organization, who will try to develop a mentality of constant improvement in their assigned tasks. , with which it will be possible to detect not only the deviations that occur and also their causes, this will allow potential failures to be recognized in time and at the same time have the possibility of eliminating them before causing a major failure.

• Promote communication and staff training, maintaining a work environment that allows continuing with the commitment to excellence. Respect and care for the environment and the relationship with the community, in order to have an efficient, equitable and environmentally responsible use of all natural, human and economic resources that the Company has. The foregoing is reflected in our Integrated Management System.

• Comply with the rules and regulations established in terms of Occupational Health and Safety Management, which implies that all Company workers are responsible for complying with said rules and avoiding unreliable operations and thus preventing all kinds of accidents.

• Apply, respect and improve the Company's processes and activities through the Integrated Quality Management System, thus achieving professional excellence in our services and thus favoring the profitability and progress of the Company and our Clients.